Juliette Ashby “Hoping” (Song For Amy)

For anyone who doesn’t know, Juliette Ashby was Amy’s bestfriend since childhood (grade school). If you bought Lioness Hidden Treasures, give the song Best Friends a listen with Juliette in mind…that song was about her (amy says so herself here —; they remained friends up until Amy’s death. Support Ashby, her wonderful voice was part of Sweet n’ Sour (Amy’s hip-hop band with her best friend Ashby)

266 plays What It Is Amy Winehouse


Mr Ultra Sensitive
I’ll never let myself forget you
Messed each other up you know
So I’m sorry if I upset you
Tomorrow is another day so I’ll call you cause that’s OK
We both know what it is

If you can’t sort something out yourself then no one can help you.
Amy Winehouse  (via ifukswidit)

Amy Winehouse talking about Lily Allen 

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